Maja Mazur

CEO and President Ninja. Shaped by her interdisciplinary studies at BASc UCL department, she is fascinated by how different sectors and academic disciplines interconnect. Her interest in how technology affects our society took off properly when working on the later published dissertation ‘Exploratory Models in the age of Big Data’. She co-founded Smart Technology Society BPP, the beginnings of SmarTech Society. She is currently pursuing a career in corporate law in the City.

Maja loves traveling, physical exercise, meditation and caramel. She cares deeply about improving access to education, gender equality advancement and accessibility of personal development tools.


Jan L. Alessandrini                                                                                                                                                     

Past post-doctoral researcher on Big Data projects at the Universities of Oxford and St Andrews, and former ‘stolen art hunter’ at the Commission for Looted Art in Europe, Jan has now embarked on a legal career as a Future Trainee Solicitor at DAC Beachcroft in the City of London. His interest lay at the intersection of academic and technical fields, combining conventional methodologies with new digital tools, such as AI and Machine Learning, that can help to better analyse large datasets. He is particularly curious about developments in legal tech as well as smart technologies with civic and environmental application.

He was an undergraduate at University College London, earned a Masters with Distinction at the University of Oxford, and returned to UCL to write a doctoral thesis. He is Student Director of the Legal Translation Services and President of SmarTech Society at BPP London, and worked pro bono on BPP’s Enterprise Legal Advice Clinic.

As an RYA accredited Day Skipper, Jan used to enjoy sailing, but now finds himself spending most of his spare time being a father.